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Being a Companion


Quality time together, listening, good conversation, laughter, sharing your world and what's happening, connecting, building relationships, memories, going on little adventures, doing something that brings you joy, sharing experiences, practical support, hospital visits. 

Going on little adventures



Celebrating, cinema, theatre performance, shopping, a meal out, visiting a National Trust building, a day outing, taking part in sport, meeting for tea or coffee... What would you enjoy doing more if you had a companion?

Completing necessary tasks:

Running errands, going to an appointment, etc

Sharing the Joy of an experience



Doing something that brings you joy; a type of joy which is doubled when sharing the experience:  

Gardening, walking, walking the dog, cooking a special meal, baking, art, dance, music, song, playing an instrument, sport, board games, storytelling, crafts,  reading, learning a new skill, sunsets ....